What is a Sisterhood Member?
A poem, by Sisterhood Member, Ellen Tischio

I seem to remember
Sometime in December
Someone had asked....
"What's a Sisterhood Member?"

It's an interesting query
And the answers may vary:
She's tall or she's short
She's fat or she's lean
She's over sixty or in her teens
She's blonde or brunette
She's a mother or not one yet
She's married or single
Likes crowds or hates to mingle.
She loves movies or would rather read a book
She hates to be in the kitchen or loves to cook
She's very creative or can't draw a straight line
But if she's on a committee, she'll make a sign

A Sisterhood member can be any of these things
She comes to services and she sings
She knows when she helps; good things are done
Are you a Sisterhood member?
You'd be a great one!

The Sisterhood of Temple Emanu-El represents the women of the congregation. Our goal is to promote meaningful relationships and connections among the women of our community, while implementing the values and ideals of Judaism. Sisterhood is involved in many different activities, including fundraising, education, supporting programs for youth, providing gifts for members celebrating lifecycle events, and just plain having fun. We benefit the community and the Temple, all while enriching ourselves socially, spiritually, culturally, and intellectually.

Click HERE for Sisterhood's Mission Statement.

Temple Emanu-El's Sisterhood is part of the International Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ).

We invite all women to take part in our events and to be part of our supportive community!

Click HERE for the 2013-2014 Sisterhood Calendar.

Click HERE for a Sisterhood application. Are you a new Temple member? If so, your first year of Sisterhood membership is free!