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We are so excited you are considering membership at Temple Emanu-El. We warmly welcome you and encourage you to get involved in all that our community has to offer. We wholeheartedly acknowledge that there may be several reasons one is hesitant to join our community, or a community in general. So for our community, here are a few things to consider when thinking about membership.

1.  Finances: We NEVER turn someone away due to their financial situation. Though our brochures and pamphlets may reflect a certain number, we offer scholarships to any and all that wish to be involved. Do not let your financial situation be the reason you are not a member. We work privately and with confidentiality to ensure all who wish to be here are here.  No one is denied membership at Temple Emanu-EI for financial reasons. Scholarship information is available by clicking HERE.

2.  Religious Indifference: There is something so beautiful about Reform Judaism that often gets overlooked; you are free to question, to disagree, and to dislike parts of religion. If you are working through your Jewishness, we are here to support you.

3.  Multi-Religion Households: Many of our members have a spouse or raise children who are not of the Jewish faith. We support all different family dynamics and welcome anyone who wants to be part of our community - Jewish or not! We respect your family’s decision to practice however you see fit. We want to be part of it & are excited to include your family in our community.

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784