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5-20-24 Construction Update

05/20/2024 05:02:08 PM


Our property is a very active site, with the space cleared and prepared for construction.  You will notice that trees have been removed, concrete broken up, and trenches dug for new gas lines, electricity, and plumbing.  Things are moving along. Gas service is about to be temporarily changed until our first phase is complete, and our contractor, Old Forge, is focused on the transformer changeover and laying the foundation down.

We currently have a team meeting scheduled for the first Thursday of every month. Our building committee, composed of Mike Leber, Dana Shectman, Casey Horgan, Dom DeFilippo, and Marc Linder, will attend these meetings, along with representatives from the JCC and the Y, our project coordinator, and Old Forge. These meetings serve as a platform to review the upcoming four weeks' schedule and to plan ahead beyond those weeks. This is crucial to ensuring the smooth progress of our project.  

We also encourage you to stop by and see the site from the ground and from the window in the upstairs hallway that overlooks the whole area.  



Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784